With one of the most iconic football days of the year on the horizon, Dapper Labs announced some major news regarding their NFL counterpart to NBA Top Shot. Last night, an email went out to collectors on the waitlist, dropping some easter eggs (turkey eggs?) about what’s in store for the upcoming platform. This morning, we got news that the project has been officially christened “NFL ALL DAY.” Coincidentally, All Day himself, Adrian Peterson, was released by the Tennessee Titans last night but that’s beside the point. While there aren’t a lot of details on NFL ALL DAY just yet, we’re here to bring you up to speed in case you’ve missed anything.

What We Know

Not a whole lot. Until yesterday, NFL ALL DAY’s twitter account was dubbed “NFLxDapper”, so they really kept things under wraps. Thus far, the most interesting information we have revolves around sets and a new feature we’re pumped about called “Team and Player Melts.” So far, the news around NFL ALL DAY’s sets looks very similar to Top Shot’s foundation:

There will be special edition sets, like the “Afterburner” and “Hoodwinked” sets mentioned above, and they will fall into specific tiers – the Afterburner set will get the Rare categorization, whereas the Hoodwinked set will be a Legendary set, the same way that Rising Stars was a rare set and Deck the Hoops was a legendary set on Top Shot.

From there, we know that NFL ALL DAY will have something new in the form of “Melts”, which will be available to both team and player Moments. Most Moments will have one highlight, similar to Top Shot, but Melts will be compilations of more than one play: