The likely shootout last Sunday between Kansas City and Buffalo was largely one sided, which opened the door for more contrarian lineups to rise up the leaderboards.   I'll be analyzing the Main Event and Side Hustle as always this week, while offering some thoughts on the variety of extra contests offered this past week.  Let's dive right in.


Main Event Winner: “bfitzer”


Baltimore Quarterbacks: If you were looking for quarterback options that could beat the potential that was in the Kanas City vs Buffalo matchup, Baltimore was a very sharp place to look.  Lamar Jackson always has a massive ceiling, and he went absolutely nuclear last Monday night in a comeback win against Indianapolis.  Great play.

Cleveland Running Backs: This group is a strong play every week and they smashed against Los Angeles in a very high scoring game.

Tampa Bay Wide Receivers: We expected Tampa Bay to crush Miami, but they could have done so in a variety of ways, and they did.  But they really torched Miami through the air, making the Tampa Bay wide receivers card a common one in lineups that cashed this week and an absolute must have for top finishers.  Definitely a sharp play.

Atlanta Tight Ends: If you were ever going to bet on the Atlanta tight ends group this was the week, and they hit.  We knew this was a good potential option with Calvin Ridley out, but bfitzer had the benefit of seeing it go off in the London game and locking it into their top lineup.

Dallas Defense: This was another play that I really liked as Dallas was a significant home favorite against a volatile New York offense. 


Side Hustle Winner: “AceJohn”


Baltimore Quarterbacks and Tampa Bay Wide Receivers:  All of the top 23 entries in this contest played the Tampa Bay wide receivers card, making the Baltimore quarterback card the difference maker for Side Hustle winner “AceJohn,” who edged out “anchises” by having a lower serial number with the same lineup.


Various Things

The Better Late Than Never winner “Infamous” stacked the Baltimore quarterback and tight ends.  They did the same with Tampa Bay wide receivers and defense while sticking with the foundational Cleveland running backs card.  The Baltimore stack was a bold one, that paid off in a big way.  The Tampa Bay stack, however, is a rare combination as usually when a defense does well that team’s passing game isn’t often one of the top performers of the week.  But it was for Tampa Bay and therefore “Infamous” this week, big congrats on the win with the contrarian build.

Island of Misfit Cards winner “S70N3S” deployed the Atlanta tight ends card with a very contrarian option in the Buffalo defense.

LowBall Winner “malkymack” took the low score this week by essentially game stacking the New York (American) vs Atlanta contest in London by trotting out the New York quarterback and tight end cards and bringing it back with the Atlanta wide receiver card (which was a very sharp play in this contest this week).  The poorly performing Philadelphia running backs card and the New York (National) defense cards rounded out this low-scoring lineup.


Thursday Night Philadelphia vs Tampa Bay

This is an interesting matchup as both passing games have a lot of upside here.  For the Philadelphia offense, no one even really attempts to establish the run against the Tampa Bay defense, so we can reasonably expect Philadelphia to try and beat Tampa Bay in the air as virtually all of their opponents have so far this season.  On the other side we just saw last week how prolific the Tampa Bay passing offense can be on any given Sunday, which makes them a reasonable option regardless of opponent.  With that said, Philadelphia was absolutely torched through the air a few weeks ago by Kansas City, so we’ve already seen that a high-end passing game can shred Philly.  The Tampa Bay defense also has some potential in this spot.


Sunday Morning London Game

We also have the second (and last) London game of the season happening on Sunday morning at 9:30am Eastern time. Multiple contest winners played players from the Week 5 London game and we also saw marketplace sales popping off during the game, so you're definitely going to want to be paying attention to this one.  This week's London game is the 5th-lowest totaled on the slate, making it a prime option to attack in Lowball and potentially still providing a top play elsewhere like we saw with the ATL TE last week.